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At agili8, our vision is to Transform your Vision® so that together, we can Transform our world.

Our big audacious goal is to revolutionize the Model of Care using smart glasses for virtual health to Save. Protect. Protect. Transform lives, especially for those disadvantaged Indigenous communities living in regional, rural and remote areas.

Our lightweight XRAI Vision™ smart glasses connect frontline workers to off-site remote specialists via a secure platform and mobile app, where doctors can see, zoom, draw, adjust lighting and even highlight on the patients’ wound itself in the frontliners’ vision to instruct exactly what to do, upskilling scarce workforce rapidly on-the-job.

Our multi-award-winning innovation effectively transforms the delivery of healthcare, especially to disadvantaged patients isolated in regional, rural, remote and Indigenous communities, without the financial or transportation means to travel to the nearest hospital thousands of kilometers away, effectively reducing expertise gaps, delays to treatment, distance and costs as barriers to life-saving healthcare.

agili8 is a deep tech company – the 1st proprietary company awarded the Medical Research Future Fund Eligible Organization status by the National Health & Medical Research Council, a status traditionally held by large hospitals, universities and medical research centers.

We are also the youngest start-up to win multiple awards in our 1st year we brought our prototype to test with clinicians in hospitals.


my name is Esther Oh, CEO and Founder of agili8 – an adjective meaning Empower to work Smarter. Faster. Safer.

I founded agili8 after my healthy son lost his vision, due to misdiagnosis and delays in treatment during the first COVID lockdown.

My son was 16 when he caught an unknown virus from school and within days, he could not see. He was passed around from specialist to specialist who didn’t know how to treat him. I even contacted top ophthalmologists from Harvard to find a cure for his sudden blindness. But because we couldn’t travel and most specialists were not open physically for business, we were limited to the current video-conference telehealth and sending images over email which didn’t help at all.

It was heart-breaking to be told by the 4th Professor that the 1st doctor who saw him should have sent him to Emergency for a simple steroid infusion which could have saved his vision. By then, it was too late to reverse the permanent disability that he would have to live with the rest of his life.

That’s why XRAI Vision™ is engineered for precision, speed and agility to transcend time delays, skills shortage, travel/distance and exorbitant costs to facilitate real-time diagnosis and in situ treatment to reduce misdiagnosis and delays.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. Yet it is not accessible to everyone.

With the current severe shortage and burnout of healthcare professionals, the healthcare crisis is only getting worse if we do nothing about this.

Indigenous people die 8 years younger with a 2.4x burden of disease compared to the average Australian. 3.5% delayed or did not see a doctor due to cost with 5.1% preventable hospitalization according to Deloitte’s Australian Healthcare Reimagined report (2022).

Many Indigenous children suffer deafness from gluey ear infections, Indigenous youths die from sepsis and rheumatic fever and Indigenous adults crippled from diabetic foot ulcers and amputations. These unfortunate sufferings are all preventable with early detection and treatment.

With XRAI Vision™ smart glasses, we can deliver telehealth in a revolutionary, cost-effective and efficient way without the need for low socio-economic patients to find means to travel for treatment. This technology empowers frontliners to access remote healthcare professionals for real-time assessments and precise instructions that can be shared between frontliners and off-site clinicians.

While running clinical trials in government hospitals take a long time due to bureaucracy, we want to save lives and prevent permanent disabilities NOW by conducting a small community pilot to Western Australia’s most disadvantaged and Indigenous communities who are the “Forgotten People”.

Governments do not want to spend money building infrastructure or healthcare facilities to support their needs. Private healthcare providers will not go there either because there is no money for them to make.

That’s why we need Lift Angels and the community to help us make the basic human right to healthcare accessible to those most in need.

As the industry partner and the Foundation of Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) Club 250 member, we are going out with FISH social workers who speak Aboriginal languages to these low socio-economic Indigenous communities to deliver basic telehealth and health educational workshops with the help of metro and remote GPs.

This community pilot as a Proof of Concept will cost at least $20,000. Although agili8 is a start-up, we are funding $10,000 for this project.

With your generous support, we are crowdfunding another $10,000 to fund the Foundation of Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) for their travel, meals and accommodation costs to go from community to community with us to regional, remote and rural areas.

The stretch goal for an additional $5,000 will provide nutritious food and medication to the Indigenous communities.

We are already running larger clinician-to-clinician pilots connecting Emergency doctors in regional and remote public hospitals to metro specialists in Western Australia. The aim of these pilots is to gather clinical evidence to demonstrate the Cost-Benefits and Patient-Clinician outcomes required for government funding.

We want to take the pilot even further by extending it to Western Australia’s most remote, disadvantaged and Indigenous communities where they cannot get to the nearest clinic or hospital due to the vast geographic, economic, gender and cultural barriers.

This will prove to the Australian Government and the world that XRAI Vision™ can make healthcare accessible beyond the hospital setting by utilizing Not-For-Profit (NFP) and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) workforce to go out to the field for delivery of healthcare, emergency rescues and disaster relief.

Give the gift of hope and life to the Forgotten People.

The pandemic has caused many healthcare systems and workers to collapse globally. Many disadvantaged Indigenous communities are dying and struggling with permanent disabilities which are preventable if we take action NOW.

Let us relieve the manpower shortage in healthcare, prevent premature deaths and permanent disabilities and make healthcare accessible to the most disadvantaged communities!

How You can Help:

  • Donate to #makeadifference TODAY!
  • Tell and share this link with your friends & family, the more the merrier!
  • Introduce us to influential decision makers in the healthcare industry.
  • Volunteer for FISH or become one of the limited Club 250 member like us!

  • If you are a qualified nurse, paramedic or doctor who can come with us to regional, remote and rural areas in Western Australia for at least a week, or provide telehealth as the remote GP from where you are in Australia, please contact me at [email protected]

We’d love to have You on our journey to Save. Protect. Transform lives!


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Please donate to enable us to deliver telehealth and health education workshops to those most in need who have no access to healthcare.
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Thank You for your kind generosity to #makeadifference to Save. Protect. Transform.

Stretch Goals

Provide nutritious food and basic medication to Indigenous communities- $5000.00

Provide nourishing food and basic medication to Indigenous communities when they attend our health education workshops!

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