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We're Australia's first women-focused go-to funding marketplace, exist to connect, inspire and empower women to start and scale their businesses, and live a life to its fullest potential.

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At Lift Women, We Listen, Inspire, Fund & Trust Women

Every woman’s story, needs and ideas are unique. We promote active listening, constructive review and ensure every voice is heard and reflected.

Listen to Learn

We nurture, protect and empower thinkers and dreamers. We facilitate learning and connection between women. We shed lights for each other.

Inspire to Innovate

Funding is one of the biggest challenges that many women face when bringing their dreams to life. We provide an alternative funding option which is simple, accessible and affordable to all women.

Fund with Ease

We are a safe place for women to connect, inspire and empower each other. Together we celebrate success and tell the world for the recognition and visibility that every woman deserves.

Tell your stories

50% of our profits go right back into our community


    A culturally diverse and inclusive piece that touches on the subject of acceptance and respect for one another showcased through Art.
  • Braids 4 Change

    Braids for Change provides employment opportunities, and contributes to the education and training of women and girls in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Support MISTI mission of protecting children from preventable infections

    First-of-its-kind nebuliser to protect against preventable respiratory infections in children
  • The lonely chairs

    "The Lonely Chairs" an ART project to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and give Survivors a Voice !!!! Each Chair restored and recreated into beautiful Art pieces ,exhibited and auctioned to fund a workshop for survivors to paint a chair and heal through Art Practise and have there own individual stories alongside there artwork published and shared !!!

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