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We're Australia and Asia's first female-focused crowdfunding platform with the mission to connect, inspire and empower women to start and scale their businesses and live a life to its fullest potential.

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At Lift Women, We Listen, Inspire, Fund & Trust Women

Every woman’s story, needs and ideas are unique. We are committed to active listening and constructive feedback to ensure every voice is heard and reflected.

Listen to Learn

Lift Women empowers female entrepreneurs with the learning and connection they need to forge forwards in their business journey.

Inspire to Innovate

Funding is one of the biggest challenges that female entrepreneurs face. We provide an alternative funding option that is accessible and affordable to all women.

Fund with Ease

Lift Women provides a safe, supportive place for all men and women empowering women. We celebrate each others’ success and champion the recognition and visibility that every woman deserves.

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50% of our profits go right back into our community

  • The Comfortable Way to Beat Period Poverty & Plastic Pollution: SinayaCup

    Sinaya Cup is launching the first Filipino-designed menstrual cup, making periods more comfortable, sustainable, and equitable.
  • Ovum A.I – the first A.I health assistant for women

    Ovum is the first AI-powered personal health assistant for women — speak to Ovum “like a friend or doctor” to help make looking after yourself easy!
  • Empowering Everyone to Build Mini Farms at Home with Urban Farmer TV

    Urban Farmer TV, Inc. is on a mission to make high-quality fresh food accessible to all by building the first-ever Netflix of Gardening Education
  • La Foundary: an Aussie company transforming waste into biomaterials

    At La Foundary, we're on a mission to combat packaging waste. Support us to take our tech nationwide and worldwide—and protect our planet for future
  • The Worlds Most Inclusive & Accessible Haircare Brand

    Introducing SISTERWOULD: The haircare brand seeing beauty differently.
  • Missing Perspectives

    News media startup Missing Perspectives is driving gender equality in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
  • OncoRevive

    Discover OncoRevive: Innovating cancer detection to save lives globally. Join us in redefining cancer care.
  • Transforming Mental Health Care with AI: Be a Part of the Change

    Leveraging AI as co-psychologist for improving GenZ, Millenials and young generation's mental health that leads to a happier, healthier and more productive lives
  • Petalife AI Scan & Care: Redefining Pet Parenthood

    Revolutionizing pet care with AI-powered pre-diagnosis tools, ensures our furbabies can enjoy a happier, healthier, and longer life!

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