Empowering each other,
empowering ourselves

We’re here to socially and economically empower women. Now more than ever, we need calls for unity, financial inclusion and connection of women. When women work towards something together, we become unstoppable.

Uplifting women in 4 Simple Steps

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Find the business dream you want to see come true.

2. Connect

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One Thread Road: Transform the way we get dressed to create change for our Earth.

One Thread Road is a peer to peer platform for lending and renting apparel within local communities. Our mission is to reduce fashion waste by circul

Support a Mother Daughter Start Up in Melbourne … REH Liquids

All Australian, Melbourne born, concept liquids store. Locals supporting locals. Sustainable & Recycling practices. Moderation Movement.
Funding Successful!

Help Publish My Book on Using Intuition to Transcend Trauma, Manifest Magic and Create Impact

Help me publish my book on how I used my intuition and creative structure to create magic and how you can do the same!


A culturally diverse and inclusive piece that touches on the subject of acceptance and respect for one another showcased through Art.

Braids 4 Change

Braids for Change provides employment opportunities, and contributes to the education and training of women and girls in Sub Saharan Africa.

Support Handmade

A story of heartbreak to hope. Turning a passion for creating beautiful handstitched books and pressed flower art into a thriving business.
Funding Successful!

Support MISTI mission of protecting children from preventable infections

First-of-its-kind nebuliser to protect against preventable respiratory infections in children

The lonely chairs

"The Lonely Chairs" an ART project to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and give Survivors a Voice !!!! Each Chair restored and recreated into beautiful Art pieces ,exhibited and auctioned to fund a workshop for survivors to paint a chair and heal through Art Practise and have there own individual stories alongside there artwork published and shared !!!
Funding Successful!

Support Women in STEM with DEIR

DEIR: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Retention. Our message is simple. We DARE employers to DEIR.

Character First

Re-imagining story making with children

100 Indigenous awareness & respect wall art designs

I want to create 100 designs of wall art that reminds, acknowledges and raises awareness for Indigenous Australians.

Orange Elephants Creative Minds – supporting mental wellness, specialising in autism and cognitive impairment

'Autistically Awesome" a phrase of empowerment by a 17 year old client. The proof we needed to confirm our programs work.

Kid approved streetwear – comfy, custom printed clothes that let kids be kids!

Sherif is more than just a kids’ clothing brand, it's a statement of what we believe in as parents. By supporting Sherif, you're not just dressing your child in stylish, comfortable clothes, you're contributing to a brighter future where all kids are free to be themselves! 

Lifting women’s voices through opinion writing

We want to help women learn how to write opinion pieces and provide a platform for women to share their voices with the world. Can you help?

Precious kids

Mitchell had his peg inserted we found how hard it was to find clothing that supported feeds, kept Mitchell’s dignity and was comfy so I designed it.

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