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Get started in 8 Steps

Step 1

Member Profile

Join the community, set up your profile, upload a profile picture, write a bio to introduce yourself. Your credibility starts here.

Step 2

Project Overview

Get your project idea organized, tell us your story, give it a catchy title, craft a content that describe a real solution to a real problem, inspire readers and build their desire to support you and share your project.

Step 3

Funding Goal

Build out a budget and calculate all the expenses incurred to bring your project to life and deliver the rewards to backers as promised. It's free to start a project and funding is all-or-nothing. If you don't achieve your goal, you won't receive any money and won't be charged any fee.

Step 4

Reward Planning

Most projects offer 3-10 reward tiers which can be physical products or special experiences. Think about your target audience and their reasons to buy - maybe their desire to be an early adopter, limited edition, or just some feel good factors.

Step 5

Project Visual

Visual is key to your success. Tell your story, showcase your products or services in pictures, videos, prototype, anything that can visualize your project. You'll need to reel people in with eye-catching imagery.

Step 6

Build Your Crowd

First 48 hours is important in building your project momentum. Build your crowd strategically before project launch to secure your backers. Leverage your network, don't underestimate the people you know and communities that you are in.

Step 7

Project Submission

Now you've got all the information ready and preparation work done, it's time to put everything together and submit your project for approval. Review it with your team or trusted network before final submission.

Step 8

Share & Promote

Now that you've launched your campaign, it's time to start promoting it. Remember to stay connected with your backers and provide regular updates. Make good use of the comments interactions to get feedback and validation of your business, products or services.

What makes us different

Social Impact

50% of our profit gives right back to our community and causes that support gender equality. We’re the world’s first reward-based crowdfunding platform operated in a social impactful model.


We’re the platform dedicated for women to shine and thrive. Globally, only 2.3% of VC funding went to women-led startups. Only 28% of total crowdfunding projects worldwide are female-led. There is a gap and the gap isn’t healthy and we exist to shake things up.

All-In-One Platform

Looking for funding? Market validation? Publicity and visibility? Like-minded women founders and entrepreneurs? Supportive community? We’re all right here waiting for you on this very platform with zero upfront cost. We’re costumed, secured and transparent. We’re here for you.

The Sisterhood

We’re a network of women who are ready to rally for you and your dreams, a safe platform to connect, inspire and empower each other. The right backers, investors and partners are out there looking to uplift a project like yours. Because we already believe in your project, it will be easy to find other who do too.

It's your time.

Join our community of empowered Australian
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Lift Women is beyond a fundraising platform. We offer a secure and transparent way to receive funds while ensuring you have access to support throughout your entire entrepreneurial discovery journey.

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