Empowering Everyone to Build Mini Farms at Home with Urban Farmer TV

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Urban Farmer TV, Inc. is an educational platform on a mission to make high-quality fresh food accessible to all. We are building the first-ever Netflix of Gardening Education🔗, empowering everyone to build mini farms at home using methods that require less space, water, and energy than traditional methods.

Join us on our journey to raise $40,000 AUD. Your support will not only bring fresh food production to the hands of thousands worldwide but will also provide seniors in underprivileged areas of Metro Manila with free kits and hands-on workshops. As a thank you for your support, we have made exclusive rewards for you. Be part of a movement that changes the world for the better!

Most of our food comes from big, profit-driven industrial farms, which deplete our land, water, and other natural resources. These farms heavily rely on toxic pesticides and single-use plastics which find their way into our environment, oceans, and bodies. Studies show that an alarming 70% of fresh produce in the United States carries pesticide residues, and these chemicals have been detected in human blood, urine, and breast milk.Furthermore, scientists have observed a worrying decline in biodiversity due to pesticide exposure, which they argue poses a greater threat than climate change.

For people living in cities, our food travels great distances. Our food is packed, repacked, refrigerated, sold, and resold, many times over and by the time it reaches our plates, much of its freshness and nutritional value have already been lost.

I saw firsthand how my grandma, a diabetic, struggles with our flawed food system. The distance to the supermarket from her home and the subpar quality of available produce often left her with few fresh, nutritious options. As a result, she frequently opted to skip vegetables altogether, a decision influenced by the lack of clean and accessible fresh food.

Industrial, pesticide-dependent agriculture harms our health, planet, and climate. It is the very definition of an unsustainable system. This leads to the BIG QUESTION…

Urban Farmer TV is born out of the need to bridge the gap. We’re an educational platform on a mission to bring fresh food production to the hands of people all while caring for health, the planet, and even your wallet. Here’s how we do it.

With Urban Farmer TV, anyone, anywhere in the world, can build their mini farms at home using methods that require less space, water and energy than traditional methods. No bulky soil, no single-use plastics polluting the ocean, and no toxic pesticides.

With our easy-to-follow courses you can learn the step-by-step process on how to setup a mini farm that thrives in any season

…using only ordinary items found at home OR premade growing kits for those with limited time for do-it-yourself projects.

With Urban Farmer TV, you can pick your salad at the comfort of your home, save money on your grocery bill, enjoy food that are bursting with flavor and color…

…and be the #coolestpersoninyourneighborhood.

Hello, I’m Anna, but most people know me as Urban Farmer TV. This project began during the pandemic after I witnessed how fragile our food system is. It was unsettling not being able to choose what to eat, and waking up each day worrying if there is still food in the grocery stores as food shortages and lockdowns continued. Since then, I’ve decided to TAKE CONTROL OF OUR FOOD.

By using innovative methods like hydroponics and vertical gardening, I transformed a 5 sqm space in my apartment into a soilless, space-saving, and self-sustaining mini-farm that produces a hundred crops every month.

I started sharing my journey online, hoping to inspire others to do the same. Now, we have built an amazing online community of 250K members from all around the globe.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, I took the lead in a youth community project. Through partnerships with 30+ government and private organizations, we transformed a 200 sqm rooftop space of a government building into a hydroponics farm that provided affordable, fresh produce for our community.

These local efforts were featured by media outlets and acknowledged by the President of the Philippines.

We are tapping on the power of the crowd to expand Urban Farmer TV’s impact locally and globally. Together, we can ensure everyone has the chance to access clean, fresh, and healthy food while building a better, more sustainable future for all.

Your contribution to our project is invaluable and has the potential to leave a lasting impact for generations to come. Even a $10 donation can make a significant difference. Whether you’re able to donate or simply spread the word about our cause, every action brings us closer to achieving our goal.

Please hop over to the rewards section to see the unique perks we have in store for backers like you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Urban Farmer TV team


Mini Farm Starter E-Books - $15.00

Limited: 337 left of 350

Mini Farm Starter Pack (Ebooks + Courses) - $100

Limited: 249 left of 250

Sponsor a Senior - $100

Limited: 9 left of 10
Make an impact by bringing joy to one senior today! With your support, one senior will enjoy our hands-on mini farm workshop and receive a starter kit. Plus, both of you and your senior scholar will get a lifetime access to our Mini Farm Starter Pack

Sponsor 5 Seniors - $500

Limited: 5 left of 5
Spread joy to five seniors today and make a bigger impact! Your contribution sponsors five seniors to join our hands-on mini farm workshop and receive starter kits. To thank you for your support, you and your 5 senior scholars will get lifetime access to our Mini Farm Starter Pack.

Sponsor 10 Seniors - $1000

Backer Count: 1

Amplify joy by empowering ten seniors today! Your generous support ensures ten seniors can join our hands-on mini farm workshop and receive starter kits for free. As a thank you, you and your senior scholars will receive exclusive lifetime access to our Mini Farm Starter Pack and a special shoutout to our 250k community on social media.

Sponsor A Team - $5000.00

Limited: 5 left of 5
Be the coolest team while making a social impact by joining our Corporate Mini Farm Workshop. Empower your team with new skills, enjoy a healthy and relaxing hobby, and have the ultimate FUN! Get a full event article for your company's website showcasing your CSR efforts, and a chance to go viral by being featured on Urban Farmer TV online 35M video views and 250k followers. *For workshops in and outside the Philippines, travel and accommodation expenses of the speaker shall be covered by the sponsor *Number of participants can be adjusted at an additional cost

Get a Chance to Win a Mini Farm Kit - $10.00

Backer Count: 4

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal- $60000.00

If we reach our stretch goal, we will run another program for 1000 seniors and families from underprivileged areas in Metro Manila to attend a FREE hands-on mini farm workshop and receive starter kits.

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