The Comfortable Way to Beat Period Poverty & Plastic Pollution: SinayaCup

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Help Us Manufacture the First Filipino-designed Menstrual Cup

A woman will use an average of 12,000 disposable sanitary pads in her lifetime. 

When used, these pads made of plastic end up in landfills and are flooded into our oceans, threatening marine life. 

But what if we told you we could help lessen period waste by up to 99%? 

Our solution: The Sinaya Cup.

We are introducing the newly-designed Sinaya Cup—the first-ever Filipino-designed menstrual cup in the market. It is proudly Filipina, by Filipinas.

What is a Sinaya Cup?

The Sinaya Cup menstrual cup is made out of medical-grade silicone and is inserted into the body (similar to tampons) through different folding and adjusting techniques. It’s so comfortable the users tend to forget they have their period!

A single cup can be worn for up to 12 hours and can be reused for 2-5 years, making it a convenient and economical choice over pads.

How We Empower Filipinas

Apart from helping reduce period waste dramatically, our mission is to empower women and girls by providing comfortable and hassle-free Sinaya Cups and menstrual and reproductive health education

With our CUPacity Program, we not only introduce young girls to the sustainable menstrual cup technology, we also educate them on menstrual and reproductive health principles, in a fun, engaging, and safe way.

Every customer who purchases a Sinaya Cup helps fund the menstrual and reproductive education of a beneficiary from an underserved community in the Philippines. A finisher of our educational program receives a free Sinaya Cup, too.

We believe that when women and girls are not held back by their periods and can make informed choices concerning their bodies, they can do more and maximize their potential.

The New Sinaya Cup

The newly-designed Sinaya Cup is the culmination of 8 years of research and consultation with our 4,000 avid supporters collectively known as the Sinaya Tribe.

It is more size-inclusive, as users can customize their preferred length from 50 mm up to 87mm. No more worrying about not being able to pull out their cup, especially for those with high cervices!

Meet the Sinaya Team

Led by social entrepreneur Audrey Tangonan, the Sinaya Team is composed of empowered women who bring together their expertise in various fields.

Our story began when Audrey learned about the menstrual cup while joining a sustainability competition in New York. She fell in love with the product and thought it could help transform the lives of fellow Filipinas back home.

Thus, began the story of Sinaya Cup. Building a team of women empowerment and sustainability advocates, the Sinaya Team pioneered localizing the advocacy for menstrual cup awareness. 

In the process, we realized that the fight we were in was bigger than we had thought. Besides making a life-changing period product more accessible to fellow Filipinas, we found out that there was also a need to raise awareness of menstrual and reproductive health.

We ramped up our efforts in educating women about their periods and bodies. It was also our motivation to create an educational program for women and girls.

Along with promoting women’s health, we also take pride in advocating for sustainability and environmental conservation.

Sinaya Cup has been recognized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as one of the Top 20 Women-Led Social Entreprises in Metro Manila in 2023.

Now we are thrilled to embark on a new journey with the newly designed Sinaya Cup, and we hope you can help us turn it into reality. 

Every pledge can make a difference in the lives of Filipinas who can benefit from a menstrual care innovation that’s created with them in mind. You can help provide menstrual and reproductive health education and free cups to our partner communities, as well.

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$49 Level 1 Donor: Sponsor 2 Scholars - $49.00

Limited: 143 left of 150

$79 Pioneer User: Get 1 new Sinaya Cup and Sponsor 2 Scholars - $79

Limited: 144 left of 150

$249 Sinaya Level 2 Donor: Sponsor 10 Scholars - $249

Limited: 93 left of 100

$499 Sinaya Tribe Lifetime Backer: Get 15 new Sinaya Cups and Sponsor 5 Scholars - $499

Limited: 97 left of 100

$1,999 Sinaya CUPacity Silver Community Sponsor - $1999

Limited: 49 left of 50

$3,999 Sinaya CUPacity Gold Community Sponsor - $3999

Limited: 20 left of 20

Stretch Goals

10,000 Free Menstrual Cups for our Community Partners- $30000.00

Flaunt-Worthy Sinaya Cup Travel Case Production- $30000.00

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