Our Finalists Announced

The time has come!

Over the last few months, we have had an overwhelming response to our Inaugural Female Founder Grant Challenge. We have received over 100 applications in just 8 weeks, and because there are so many incredible, innovative and inspiring projects, we’ve decided to increase our finalist’s number from 6 to 8!

Need a recap?

Here at Lift Women, we’ve created this special challenge with the intent to lift up women and girls who have a passion for business and want to bring their dreams to life.

To give the two winners some extra funding and support to begin their journey, we’ve teamed up with some awesome partners to offer everything they need to kick-start a successful business. This grant includes access to growth strategy, marketing creatives, legal and accounting support, valued up to $15,000 for each winner.

We’ve been looking through all of your incredible entries, and it’s safe to say that this has been one of the toughest decisions our team has ever had to make. We are in absolute awe of all the incredible women and girls with a passion for change. Your desire to make a difference in this world is truly inspiring – you’re all winners in our eyes!

Regardless, we still had to make the hard decision. So, without further ado
meet our finalists:

Again, we just want to give a big thank you to everyone who entered. You are all so gifted and we can’t wait to watch your ideas grow! This is just the beginning.

Now, we need your help. Get involved in determining the Backer’s Choice Award Winner and vote for your favourite project!

Voting Started: 14 Sept
Voting Closes: 4th Oct 6 pm (AEST)
Grant Pitch Night: 6th Oct 6 pm (AEST)
Winner Announced: 6th Oct 8 pm (AEST)

Thank you all for being so supportive of this initiative and to all women-led projects that are trying to make a difference!

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come. Together we can make amazing things happen!

LIFT women’s platform and crowdfunding opportunities have given us tremendous confidence to push beyond our fears and step out of our usual comfort zones!  Even if you haven’t mapped out every step and scenario of a potential idea, trust yourself and your instincts enough to move forward and share your idea. We believe Irene’s vision for LIFT women will take Australia one step closer to closing the gender gap, and developing Australia’s diverse start-up ecosystem. – I.AmSkinCare


“The team at lift women treat me like the CEO and inventor I’m meant to be. They are an extension of my company and have nothing but the best intentions and show it with action. I’m very grateful to be part of the incredible platform. Irene and her team work incredibly hard for every single person, company and project that signs up for Lift Women. They are true experts in their fields making sure to share every bit of knowledge they have in order to get the absolute best outcome.”  – Peek A Bras


“We are so excited to be a Finalist in the Lift Women grant. To be a part of such a supportive network of female founders and business professionals is amazing. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us and our business.We are grateful for platforms like Lift Women that are led by passionate founders like Irene, who truly believe in the mission of elevating women. There are so many women who want to grow their own business and have full agency of their future, but are overlooked when it comes to financial support. Female-only platforms like Lift Women really help when it comes to level the playing field and creating opportunities for women where they may otherwise have been overlooked.” –  The Clean Swap Box


“The Lift Women Group platform is amazing, it’s not only the first of its kind in Australia, but it makes it so easy to apply and help to get that initial investment that so many of us need to get our ideas kickstarter. A legitimate  platform making it easy for women to help validate their idea and get the boost they need to keep going ” – High End Hammy Downs


“The Lift Women platform is a great opportunity for all businesses, regardless of their size or stage of establishment, to raise funds for a specific project or cause.I’m so grateful for Irene’s support and guidance during my Lift Women campaign, she is such a great advocate for female-led businesses.I was so excited to learn that my campaign had been successfully funded and can now provide 6 Mums in desperate need of a break with a funded place on the Geelong muMEcation.” – muMEcations


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