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When women thrive, children benefit, communities transform and economies flourish.

When women thrive, children benefit, communities transform and economies flourish.

Today, women are severely underrepresented in the entrepreneurial world.

They represent 50% of the population, but make up less than 25% of startup founders.

Only 2.3% of total venture capital funding is invested in female-led businesses.

And when it comes to securing a business loan, the average success rate for women is only 31%.

The future doesn’t have to look like this!

Together, we can change it – we can close the funding gap to back women in not only the workforce, but in entrepreneurship.

With you, we can support a woman to start her own business, attain financial independence and live a life to its fullest potential.

You can help change the funding and business world for the better for generations to come.

What is Lift Angels™?

Our Lift Angels™ movement goes one step further than starting or backing a single crowdfunding project.

We’ve created a revolutionary funding ecosystem that not only raises but redistributes funds to women-led startups via the Pay-It-Forward Fund that is collectively built by all the Lift Angels.

We’ve built a shared-value community that connects female entrepreneurs to backers and mentors who help them access the skills and support needed to start or scale their business.

Our Lift Angels™ movement goes one step further than starting or backing a single crowdfunding project.
Your impact is greater than you think, regardless of your title and income.
Anyone can be an angel. The cost of a coffee per week is all it takes.

On its own, it’s not enough to budge the flywheel. But multiply this by thousands of people across the world and together, we can create the momentum needed to close the funding gap for women-led businesses.

We can Lift, Inspire, Fund and Trust each other and help female entrepreneurs thrive in the business world, thereby impacting their families and communities now and into the future.

How does Lift Angels™ work?

Support female-led entrepreneurship for just a dollar a day

How our Pay-It-Forward Fund works


50% of your pledge goes directly into our Lift Angels™ Pay-It-Forward Fund.

Every 2 months, this Fund is distributed to live crowdfunding projects as additional funding.

As a Lift Angel, you are able to apply, nominate and vote on which projects will be the recipients.


Our 2023 goal is to raise $100,000 for the Pay-It-Forward Fund to provide extra capital to 20-30 women-led projects on the platform to help them start or scale their businesses.

Help champion women for success!

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Lift Angels™ is for:

Founders, creators and dreamers

You can access the funding, resources and support you need to turn your idea into a viable business or to scale your business, connect with like-minded people and cheer each other on.

Business leaders, advisors and professionals

You can be an angel who lifts someone else up and cheers them on, giving back to the community in funding or in any support that you can offer.

Friends, family and supporters

You can be an angel who gives others the confidence to live a life to its fullest by helping fund their project to realise their business dreams.

How our Lift Angels™ community hub works

How our Lift Angels™ community hub works

As a Lift Angel, you will be invited to join our Global Lift Angels™ Hub where you can:

Access free 1:1 coaching, pitch-writing services and other resources to get your crowdfunding project ready to share with the world, or validate and elevate your business idea and strategy

Specify a give – something you can offer and give back to other Angels – and an ask – something you’d love to receive from other Angels

List your brand and business for other Lift Angels around the world to discover

Be featured and interviewed on Lift Women’s website and social media channels

Be invited to exclusive events and masterclasses

Connect and communicate with other Lift Angels in the Community Forum

Access professional support and mentorship from business leaders, advisors and professionals

Apply, nominate and vote for projects to get extra funding from the Pay-It-Forward Fund

Be part of a positive change.

For $365/year, join the movement as a Founder or Backer and support female-led entrepreneurship today.
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The benefits of joining the movement

You say, we listen. Here’s a menu of benefits to help you thrive in the crowdfunding and business world.

  • ✓ Free 1:1 crowdfunding and business consultation calls
  • ✓ Free copywriting and crowdfunding resources
  • ✓ Access to community events and masterclasses
  • ✓ Access to our Lift Angels™ Community Hub, a network of like-minded female founders and backers
  • ✓ List your business in our Lift Angels™ Directory for added exposure
  • ✓ A chance to be featured and interviewed on Lift Women and other social media channels
  • ✓ A chance to nominate your project to receive further funding through our Lift Angels™ Pay-It-Forward Fund

How has Lift Angels™ Impacted you?

We’ve spoken to four inspiring founders. Here’s what they had to say…

Founder, of Camie Fleur

Lift Women is an amazing group I’ve been so lucky to be introduced to. They helped me start my crowdfunding project and reached my goal!

Founder, Rock Bottom Nappies

This has given me a sense of purpose and has turned a negative experience into something that I can grow on and create something beautiful.

Founder, Wylde

Lift Women, to me, is an indication of a new phase of the business world, the funding world, the entrepreneurship world.

Founder, Peek a Bras

The backers gave me FEEDBACK. They gave me MONEY. They gave me POWER to make decisions to move forward. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.

Lift Angels™ is a global movement created by Lift Women, Australia’s first women-focused crowdfunding platform that connects female entrepreneurs to pivotal resources and relationships, while also operating on a social impactful model. The Lift Angel Movement is in no way associated with Angel Investing. There is no investment, equity trading or financial advice involved.

What makes Lift Angels™ unique?

Revolutionary model

Revolutionary model

Our funding ecosystem is circular via our Pay-It-Forward Fund and is thereby sustainable with long-term effect.



Lift Angels™ is founded by Lift Women, Australia’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to women-led businesses.

Social impact

Social impact

Lift Women operates on a unique social impact business model with 50% of profits given back to support the female-entrepreneur community.

Shared-value community

Shared-value community

We’re a network of founders, backers, investors and partners who are looking to uplift a project, like yours, through funding and support.

Join the Lift Angels™ movement and give back to female-led businesses.

Whether you join as a Founder or Backer, your pledge of $365/year will be paying it forward in funding and support.

Join The Movement. Be a Change Maker
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