Empowering each other,
empowering ourselves

We’re here to socially and economically empower women. Now more than ever, we need calls for unity, financial inclusion and connection of women. When women work towards something together, we become unstoppable.

Uplifting women in 4 Simple Steps

1. Discover

Find the business dream you want to see come true.

2. Connect

Connect with the woman behind the idea.

3. Support

Choose your rewards and back the business in a few clicks

4. Celebrate

Bask in the successes of your backed business!

New Projects

Funding Successful!

The Postnatal Project

The Postnatal Project aims to provide a unique combination of professional and lived/personal experience to promote a balanced approach to parenthood.
Funding Successful!

Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies supporting Survivors of Family Violence

Biodegradable bamboo nappies on a mission to tackle family violence in Australia.
Funding Successful!

Empowering our Youth – Menstruality Education Programs

We offer Positive Menstrual Education and Wellbeing for all our youth. Help us to help them.
Funding Successful!

Helping Mums take time out for self-care

muMEcations is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to help women prioritise self-care and improve their mental health and wellbeing.
Funding Successful!

Mimi – Unique Wheelchair and Stroller Blankets

Unique blankets for wheelchairs and strollers, that stay on. Mimi blankets are beautiful, practical and durable.
Funding Successful!

Calligraphy for change – Raising awareness of cultural crafts and conscious consumption

A new form of selfcare - Nurture your mental peace with the sense of bliss from one of the most respectful heritages of Chinese Art.
Funding Successful!

Feelix Yoga Strap – The flexible carry and stretching strap

Whether you practice in a studio or on top of a mountain. Ethically made, original design, stretch and carry yoga straps. Handmade in Australia. 

Hot Projects

She Is P31 – Christian Women’s Diary

An all in one multipurpose diary for busy Christian women - but busy not for the sake of busy - busy, living out their purpose in Christ as a Proverbs 31 woman - a life of "Purpose Not Perfection."®™ 268 pages hardcover; specially designed intentional Christian prompted pages. Quarter yearly lifespan. Undated.

The Vilomah Community

Our purpose is that no-one walks the journey of pregnancy and infant loss alone