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Starting A Project…

So, you have an awesome business idea, but you’re not too sure how to get the ball rolling?

Well, we’re here to help! At Lift Women, our mission is to make sure that your business kicks off on the right foot. We’re ready to rally for you and your dreams, and pride ourselves on being a safe platform to connect, inspire and empower women.

Here are five key steps to help get your Lift Project started:’

1. Set Up Your Profile

Join our community!

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is set up your profile, upload a profile picture and write a bio to introduce yourself. This is the start of your journey!

2. Polish Up Your Project

Get your project idea organised! 

Give us some background information on how the idea came to be, you want to give people further insight into your project and its overall meaning. What are you hoping to achieve through your idea? Has it been done before? If so, what makes yours different? 

Try and give it a catchy title and craft content that describes a real solution to a real problem. You want to inspire readers and build their desire to support you and share your project. Why should they care about it? Give people incentive to support your idea.

3. Create a Funding Goal

Time to talk money!

Build out your budget and calculate all the expenses involved in bringing your project to life. It’s important to deliver the rewards to backers as promised (most projects offer 3-10 reward tiers, usually physical products or special experiences). 

It’s free to start a project and funding is all-or-nothing. If you don’t achieve your goal, you won’t receive any money and won’t be charged any fee!

4. Build Your Crowd

Time to dig up your networking skills! (Or build them, if you haven’t already!) 

The first 48 hours are crucial in developing your project’s momentum. It’s important to build your crowd strategically before your project launch in order to secure your backers.  Leverage your network – don’t underestimate the people you know and the communities that you are in. More often than not, these people will want to support you in your endeavours!  

5. Submit & Share!

It’s time to submit your project for approval! 

Ensure that you review it with your team or trusted network before final submission. Triple check everything – make sure you’re happy with what you’re submitting.

Once you submit, it’s time to start promoting! Remember to stay connected with your backers and provide regular updates on your project – after all, they’re the one’s funding and supporting your idea! Utilise your comment interactions so you can receive feedback and validation of your business, products or services. Remember, all feedback is good feedback!

Do you have a project you want to lift into success? Now that you know the steps – Start your journey with us today!

Our Winners Announced

And the WINNERS are…cue the drumroll….🥁🥁🥁

The time has come! Over the last couple of weeks, we have had an overwhelming number of votes in support of our eight finalists. We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who voted and made this possible (and for making our decision-making process a whole lot easier!). 

We created the Female Founder Challenge with the intent to lift up women and girls who want to bring their dreams to life. Globally, only 2.3% of VC funding went to women-led startups, and only 28% of total crowdfunding projects worldwide are female-led. There is an unhealthy gap in these statistics, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to shake things up!

The winners will receive extra funding and support to begin their journey. We’ve teamed up with some awesome partners to offer everything they need to kick-start a successful business. This grant includes access to growth strategy, marketing creatives, legal and accounting support, all valued up to $15,000 for each winner.

The female founders did an amazing job presenting their innovative, purpose-driven projects. There was lots of support, smiles and even some tears. What an amazing bunch of inspiring women!

So, with the help of our judges and the public, we’d like to announce our Winners of the 2021 Female Founder Challenge…

  • Best Project Award: I.am Skincare
  • Backer’s Choice Award: Clean Swap Box


Our Amazing Winners 💎

I.am Skincare

Clean Swap Box

A big congratulations to I.am Skincare & Clean Swap Box! We can’t wait to watch their business be lifted into the right direction with the help of their $15,000 Jump Starter Kits.

We would also like to say a big well done to the finalists who made it this far. Your incredible work hasn’t gone unrecognised, and we can’t wait to see where you take your ideas!

Natasha Lam – High-End Hammy Downs: A Matching App for your Kids Clothes.

Alison Smith – MuMEcations: Not-for-Profit organization on a mission to help mums take time out for self-care.

Nicola Allen – Rock Bottom Nappies: Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies supporting Survivors of Family Violence.

Ashley Mardesic – Peek a Bras: One bra, lots of possibilities. Like one pillow, many pillowcases.

Sall Grover – Giggle: The Female App. A female-only social networking platform.

Monique Montfroy – Texcoco Collective: Ethically hand-crafted vegan cactus leather handbags, putting the Mindfulness back into Consumption – one ethically, handcrafted bag at a time

We’d like to give a big thank you to, not only our voters but our incredible local and global business partners who made this Grant Challenge possible:

Ready to make your dream a reality?


You Glow Girl – Mental Health & Positive Wellbeing Program for Girls 6 – 11 years

Successfully Backed 106% AU$3495

Created by Syndi Brambau, You Glow Girl is a wellness centre focussed on empowering young girls, tweens and adult women, aimed to help them in feeling educated and inspired.



Believe Succeed – Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Success

Successfully Backed 100% AU$6002

Created by Kylie Mar and Elizabeth Houghton, this online step by step program was created to provide women with the right money mindset, and the tools to become financially independent.



Texcoco Collective – Putting the mindfulness back into consumption

Successfully Backed 101% AU$2016

Monique Montfroy founded Texcoco Collective with the vision to share unique, high-quality designs with the ethos of nurturing the earth, and not contributing to harmful plastic production.


The team at lift women treat me like the CEO and inventor I’m meant to be. They are an extension of my company and have nothing but the best intentions and show it with action. I’m very grateful to be part of the incredible platform. ” – Peek a Bras


The Lift Women platform is a great opportunity for all businesses, regardless of their size or stage of establishment, to raise funds for a specific project or cause.” – MuMEcations


Have you got a business idea you’d like to lift? Why not Start a Project?

We’re here to socially and economically empower women. Now more than ever, we need calls for unity, financial inclusion and connection of women. When women work towards something together, we become unstoppable! We’ll lift you high enough to reach, touch and grab your dream.